Thai Vista Enterprise

Distributor and Product Designer of high-quality stream & fluid specialty industrial products

Thai Vista Enterprise has been a leading distributor of industrial valves-related products since 2002. Not just a distributor, we work closely with manufacturers around the globe to select, source, and bring home only the finest – the most cutting-edge – products that could truly enhance the efficiency of our clients.

Customized Design

Our core values lie not only in our selection of products, but also in the ability to analyze your requirements and design a totally new and innovative solution fit just for you by assembling different types of industrial parts. It is in our know-how, in the service mind, in the true industrial understanding of our people, that qualifies us as our “partner” to our clients.


Our warehouse contains a variety of products in increasing capacity to fulfill our promise to clients: to delivery any product within 1-2 days. No product shortage and long waiting time with us.

Products of Expertise

We have been entrusted as the sole distributor for the Southeast Asian region for Europe’s top brand like TTV JC, leading to our outstanding expert in our highlighted products: Butterfly valves, Ball valves, and Control valves. We also have a dedicated inhouse machine shop to design, assemble, calibrate, and test these valves for highest efficiency.

The product categories in our expertise include:

  • Pneumatic and Electric control valve
  • Steam Conditioning valve and desuperheater
  • Control ball / butterfly valve
  • Gate / Globe / Check valve
  • PTFE / PFA lined valve
  • Knife gate valve
  • Pneumatic Pinch Valve
  • Safety valve
  • Steam trap
  • Pneumatic Actuator / Solenoid Valve / Limit Switch

Our alliances around the globe:

  • Arca (Germany)
  • TTC-JC (Spain)
  • Hills-Mccanna (USA)
  • Tecofi (France)
  • Hora (Germany)
  • Zetkama (Poland)
  • Pennant (USA)
  • I-Tork (Korea)

Market Sectors

Thai Vista develops and designs valves for all applications, but the main focus is in the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Energy
  • Food & Beverage
  • Palm Oil & Rubber
  • Heavy industry
  • Light Industry