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BrandProduct Name/FigureProduct Type 
TTVPTFEPTFE lined butterfly valveDownload
TTVColossusDouble eccentric butterfly valveDownload
TTVButterflyConcentric butterfly valveDownload
Zetkama716Liquid level gaugeDownload
Zetkama610Full lift safety valve open bonnetDownload
Zetkama240Propotional safety valve close bonnetDownload
Zetkama215Globe valve packing seal flange PN16-40Download
Zetkama821Y-strainer flange PN16-40Download
Zetkama823Y-strainer screwDownload
Zetkama234Globe valve bellow seal flange PN16-40Download
Zetkama237Globe valve bellow seal butt weldDownload
Zetkama216Angle globe valve packing seal PN16-25Download
Zetkama275Disc check valveDownload
Zetkama201Globe valve packing seal screwDownload
Zetkama287Lift check valve PN16-40Download
PennantPT62HPHigh pressure ball float steam trap WCB DN15-DN50Download
PennantPT62Ball float steam trap WCB DN15-DN50Download
PennantPT17Thermodynamic steam trap carbon steelDownload
PennantPT10-PT11Thermodynamic steam trap stainless steelDownload
PennantPVB10Vacuum breakerDownload
PennantPT61ABall float drain trap DN15-DN20Download
PennantPT25High pressure invert bucket steam trapDownload
PennantPT67High capacity ball float steam trap DN80-DN150Download
PennantPT61Ball float steam trap DN15-DN25Download
PennantPT14Thermodynamic steam trap alloy steelDownload
PennantPT23Invert bucket steam trapDownload
PennantPT31AVBalanced pressure thermostatic air ventDownload
PennantPG71Sight Glass (Sight Check)Download
PennantPC11Disc check valveDownload
PennantPAE10Float Type Air EliminatorDownload
RotoSpareRetrofit spare partsDownload
RotoRD-RLMWaste water / Sugar / Paper ; single screw pumpDownload
RotoDMFood grade pumpDownload
RotoTSPTwin screws pumpDownload
RotoRJDosing pumpDownload
Arca8CControl valves ANSI150/300 DN15-DN100Download
Arca6NControl valves ANSI150/300 DN150-DN500Download
Arca6HControl valves ANSI600/500 DN25-DN200Download
JCVRSwing check valve BC/PSBDownload
JCVGGlobe valve BB/PSBDownload
JCVCGate valve BB/PSBDownload
JCG150-800Forged steel globe valveDownload
JCC150-800Forged steel gate valveDownload
JC6015-7050Soft/Metal 3-PC Trunnion forged ball valveDownload
JC3515-3530Metal seat ball valveDownload
JC2515-2560Soft/Metal seat trunnion ball valveDownload
JCR150-800Forged steel check valveDownload
JC515-530Floating ball valveDownload
ActregSYScotch yoke actuatorDownload
ActregCFC2MLimit switchDownload
ActregADA-ASRRack and pinion actuatorDownload
ActregDGGear clutchDownload
Siemens3SSmart positionerDownload
I-TorkITQ100-ITQ9000Quarter turn electric actuatorDownload
I-TorkITQ20-ITQ80Quarter turn electric actuator economy typeDownload
I-TorkITMMulti turn electric actuatorDownload
I-TorkIQLLinear turn electric actuatorDownload
ArtesWStart up ball valveDownload
HoraBR-MCElectric two/three ways control valveDownload
HoraBR-PAPneumatic two/three ways control valve Download
TecofiVGT3400-6400Through conduit knife gate valveDownload
TecofiVGS3400-6400Under silo knife gate valveDownload
TecofiVGM3400Sleeve knife gate valveDownload
TecofiVGA3430-VGA6430Knife gate valve ANSI150Download
TecofiVG3470-VG6470Knife gate valve JIS10KDownload
TecofiVG3400-VG6400Knife gate valve PN10Download
TecofiCB3449Dual plate check valveDownload
PennantPT63Ball float steam trap DN20-DN50Download
PennantPT65-25-1Ball float steam trap DN40-DN50Download
ArcaSCVSteam conditioning valvesDownload